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9 Useful Winter Camping Tips

9 Useful Winter Camping Tips

Wear Warm Clothes

You might be tempted to wear a minimal amount of clothing in your sleeping bag this would definitely be a mistake. You must wear a beanie to avoid heat from escaping from your head. You also need to wear socks and a layer of thermal clothing. If cold is still too much to handle, add an additional layer of clothing. If you're still cold after this, the go ahead and add another layer, heck wear all you cloths if you must.


Use a thick ground sheet or sleeping pad

The ground sucks heat from your body, so make sure have a thick insulating layer between you and the snow.


Use a Shelter

A tent always works fine, but the most effective shelters are made out of snow like igloos and Quincy builds but if heavy snowfall or high winds are not anticipated you can easily sleep outside and just use a tarp or canvas for cover. 


Take Care of Your Feet

Even if your feet feel dry switch into a pair of fresh dry socks before going to sleep, this can instantly make you feel warmer. Consider carrying a pair of socks specifically for sleep time. If your feet are still wet or cold put them in your sleeping bag stuff sack to reflect your body's heat before getting in your sleeping bag. 


No Toilet Breaks

You don't want to take a bathroom break in the snow, so put an empty bottle in your bag to urinate into Gatorade bottles work well.


Stuff Your Bag

The inside of your bag is probably going to be the warmest spot overnight. Put some water inside to keep it from freezing keep your breakfast inside as well. Damp gear from the day like boot liner socks and base layers can be stuffed in the empty spaces in your bag, your body heat will dry them by morning.


Heat Things Up

If you want to sleep like a boss, fill a bottle with boiled water then place it into your sleeping bag as a DIY heater.


Seal the Deal

Seal your sleeping bag leaving just a small enough space as a breathing hole. This will keep out both cold air and ensure the moisture from your breath escapes too.


Assume the Position

If you curl up your body heat will be centered, which will help distribute the heat. Besides it feels nice to curl up sometimes.


If you use the tips listed above, you should be able to get through your cold camping nights just fine. That what I call CAMPING OUTDOORSY STYLE

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